Our Story


“S. V. More Group of Companies vision is to provide high quality, value-driven and cost-effective pharmaceutical products to enrich the health and well-being of people by way of becoming a global leader not only as a distributor and trader but also as a manufacturer.”


S.V. More Group of Companies is committed to provide the ff:


High-quality products at competitive prices, together with excellent service and support from our staff will assist them in maximizing profitability.


Stable and rewarding work environment, and the opportunity to grow to the extent of their talents and share in the success of the company.


Above-average return on their investments, since our ability to serve the needs of our costumers and employees is made possible with their support.


Responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate, and encourage our employees to individually be an asset to the community in which they live.


We accept Accountability in all our endeavours, from providing quality products to excellent and professional service.

We create Long-term Value for all our stakeholders — our employees, customers and shareholders.

We strive to maintain a healthy work-life Balance for our employees.

We foster Empowerment for employees to take initiative and give their best.

We build positive Relationships through open communication, sharing and valuing diverse perspectives.

We revere Truth, honesty and integrity and consider them as the fundamental characteristics of our conduct in all aspects of our work.

We exploit all available Opportunities and obtain through Hard Work all the results we have set as our objectives.