Regeron Vita with CPE Drops

Regeron™ Vita with CPE

Oral Drops

Regeron™ Vita with CPE (Chlorella Pure Extract) Syrup provides the benefits of a multivitamin formulation, plus the growth promoting and immune system boosting pro-perties of chlorella. The broad range of vitamins and minerals in Regeron™ Vita w/ CPE Syrup is specially formulated to supply the necessary nutrients during the child’s stages of rapid growth.

This scientifically formulated nutritional supplement is also designed to support the child’s optimum brain and body development.

Regeron™ Vita with CPE Syrup incorporates essential fat and water soluble vitamins which are commonly deficient in the diet of Filipino children. This unique multivitamin formulation is reinforced with the natural powerful growth promoters and immune system enhancers Chlorella extract, Zinc and Lysine.

Regeron™ Vita with CPE Syrup has adequate amounts of another powerful immune enhancer and antioxidant, vitamin C. This vitamin enhances the body’s immune response and strengthens resistance to infections. It also acts as a co-factor in the synthesis of collagen, the intracellular cement substance that supports the tissues of the bones, tendons, ligaments and blood vessel walls. Moreover, vitamin C supplement prevents easy bruisability and bleeding gums.