Message From The Chairman Emeritus


Our Treasure Map of Tomorrow & Other Insights: Mr. Alberto A. Santillana Shares His Views on Fulfilling S.V. More’s Vision and Mission.
Actually, it was more of a challenge rather than just a dream. As I observed my senior counterparts from other companies agonize over their fast approaching retirement, I thought of putting up my own company to avoid from falling into similar predicament.
As an executive who rose from the ranks to the pinnacle of leadership, I thought of training and rewarding deserving, talented Filipino executives. With God’s grace, we are now reaping the fruits of our collective labor.
We take our Vision and Mission very seriously and pursue them vigorously. We don’t trivialize them nor use them merely as fashion accessories.
At S.V. More, we address our Vision and Mission as one that serves as a Treasure Map of Tomorrow. As we close our eyes and project toward the future, what do we see? We see ourselves as an expanding generous organization reaching out to the people who need help and deserved to be helped.
The other direction of our Company’s Vision is toward performance rather than toward efforts alone – meaning toward the performance of the entire Group of Companies. This other direction of our Vision is intended to make our Mission realistically possible, easier to achieve, and more satisfying to all of us.
We believe that S.V. More exists for a specific purpose and Mission. And to fulfill this Mission we need to perform well economically. This way we can justify our existence and fulfill our Mission largely by the economic growth and results we produce.
Indeed, we are fulfilling our Mission with joy, honor, and pride:

a. We are sending many of our low-level employees’ children to school;

b. We are sending to Medical Schools some poor but outstanding college students. In fact some of our scholars are already practicing consultants and specialists;

c. We are currently subsidizing sub-specialization training program as requested by some hospital Department Chairs for deserving doctors;

d. We are supporting church people who are pursuing advanced theological studies;

e. We are making our work productive and our workers achieving;

f. We managing social impacts and social responsibilities to the best of our abilities, and;

g. We help provide housing and health benefits to our employees, among others.

The belief system – the guiding principle – that we observe at S.V. More is focused on education and training in order to help cut the chain of ignorance and poverty among our less fortunate countrymen as well as developing the leaders, the performance coaches, and mentors among our executives.
To our clients, we strive to give them the best quality products and services and to continue to be frank and honest in all our dealings with them. We offer our buildings’ facilities for free use by our clients especially doctors – usually for their meetings, conferences, and social gatherings.
Seeing our people – our employees – enjoying better life – having their own houses and cars; seeing them getting more talented and skillful in their jobs; seeing our products starting to gain competitive advantage over bigger companies’ products; seeing the growing number of scholars that we are able to help through educational programs are what really drive us, motivate us, and inspire us to push forward even harder, to lead a frugal life, and to create righteous wealth.
Believing that the Filipino talent is worth the investment in Gold encourages us to preserve, maintain, and safeguard our material resources and Human Capital as they represent our secret recipes for non-stop growth and progress.
Our Head Office in Quezon City is the first building that we constructed in Y2004. It has 3 floors underground and 8-storeys from the main lobby.
In Y2007, we constructed our Iloilo Corporate Center, a 3-storey building.
In Y2008, we constructed our Davao Corporate Building. It has 3-storeys with a functional open back.
In Y2010, we inaugurated our Regional Corporate Center in Bacolod City. It has 4-storeys, with 2 elevators, one of which serves as cargo elevator, with modern audio-visual theater, and a functional open deck.
Honestly, we cannot say that we have achieved great success at the end of our first 25th corporate soldering but, of course, we stand proud of our modest conquests… all because of the collective passion for excellence of our Executives and rank and filers, their unwavering beliefs, and shared commitments in our Company, in our cause.
The big difference, for certain, is the fact that our Executives become stockholders-directors-owners of the company they serve that made them develop the owners’ attitude and mentality.
In the next 25 years, the tasks and challenges would get much tougher especially with the prospects of growing worldwide economic meltdown further exacerbated by a fragile global recovery.
Despite the operating environment becoming increasingly challenging, we still embark on bigger projects in the next 25 years, not because they are easy but because we are clear with our goals that will serve to measure the best of our people’s resoluteness and talents.
As we begin our trip, we ask for God’s blessing to make our journey safe and triumphant even as our people start to savor the fruits of our collective work.