Meganerv 300

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VITAMINS B1 + B6 + B12





Each capsule contains:

Thiamine Mononitrate (VITAMIN B1) ………… 300 mg
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (VITAMIN B6) ………… 100 mg
Cyanocobalamin (VITAMIN B12) ………… 100 mcg


Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) is a high potency formulation of the three neurotropic vitamins, Thiamine Mononitrate (B1), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6) and Cyanocobalamin (B12). This fortified combination of the major B-complex vitamin is specifically valuable in the comprehensive management of neuropathies.


Normal cellular activities depend on the availability of the biochemical energy derived mainly from the food nutrients. In the metabolic systems of the body, the substrates or breakdown products of carbohydrates, fats and proteins must be acted upon by enzymes together with their co-enzymes (primarily vitamins B1, B6 and B12) in order that the processes by which these substrates are further biotransformed and utilized may continue. Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 stimulate the various metabolic processes of the body which produce the energy needed to fuel the cellular activities of the body, specifically the physiologic activities of the nervous system. As the well known actions of B1, B6 and B12 are directed towards the CNS, the purported actions of high doses of these major vitamins in Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) revolve around the central nervous system.

Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) has sufficient concentration of B1, Thiamine Mononitrate. Thiamine Mononitrate as a co-enzyme of carbohydrate metabolism, ensures the efficient production of energy from glucose into other metabolites such as ribose, a major component of DNA and RNA. Glucose provides the basic nutritional needs of the nervous system. The cells of the nervous system depend entirely on glucose as its energy source. Independent of its co-enzyme function, Thiamine acts as a modulator in neuromuscular transmission.

Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule), with its high concentration of Pyridoxine hydrochloride, is involved in several metabolic transformations of amino acids for tissue building and repair and in the biosynthesis of certain compounds such as neurotransmitters and blood elements needed for hematopoiesis. Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) contains substantial amount of cyanocobalamin, a co-enzyme which promotes metabolism of nucleic acids, fats and proteins. Therefore, it is necessary in the formation of new cells and in the repair of nerve tissues.

The high amounts of B1, B6 and B12 in MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule will ensure optimum nutrition of the neurons thereby stimulating nervous system functions.


The therapeutic Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) act in close functional relationship with each other to provide rapid, decisive clinical response in the following disorders:
Painful neurological manifestations such as neuritis, polyneuritis, neuralgia, lumbago, ischialgia, sciatica, cervical and shoulder-arm syndrome. Neuropathies caused by certain disease states such as diabetes and cardiac disorders. Alcoholic neuropathy; iatrogenic complications arising from INH, reserpine and phenothiazine therapy; other drug-induced neuropathies. Hyperemesis gravidarum; neuropathic changes during pregnancy.


For therapeutic use, 2-4 capsules should be administered daily. Chronic cases may require longer therapy which the physician will have to adjust depending on the needs of the patient.

For prophylactic administration when diseases or drugs are likely to lead to neurological complications, 1-2 capsules daily is recommended.


This formulation of Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) is completely non-toxic even in high doses, and usually no side or after effects occur. However, sensitivity to vitamin B1, may sometimes be encountered. Sensitivity may occur if administration is at prolonged intervals, is irregular, or if the initial dose is low and is suddenly increased; liver dysfunction also seems to predispose patients to hypersensitivity to vitamin B1. Nevertheless, it must be stressed that hypersensitivity to vitamin B1 is very rare when given orally and is encountered more often only when given by intravenous injection.


Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12 (MEGANERV™ 300 Capsule) is available in blister-foiled capsule x 100’s.


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