Pharma Nutria N.A. (Bacolod City), Inc.

S.V. More Group Corporate Center

G.V. st., Brgy 19, Bacolod City,

Negros Occidental

(034) 434-2976

(034) 433-1369

In the desire to share with the Philippine pharmaceutical industry and the Filipino people its corporate vision of a progressive, world-class Filipino pharmaceutical company working as a close-knit family of diverse talents and soaring spirits, Pharma Nutria N. A. (Bacolod City), Inc. was conceived in August 18, 1997, when the SEC finally approved the formal registration of yet another milestone in the history of then still budding S.V. More Group of Companies. In March of 1998, Pharma Nutria N. A. (Bacolod City), Inc. went into full swing with nineteen (19) field and administrative personnel and took residence at A. V. Pefianco Building, along Bacolod City’s National road on Lacson Street, in Brgy. Mandalagan.

With our unflinching commitment to its mission of providing high-quality, cost effective pharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions afflicting our countrymen, we are welcoming new additions, man power, equipments and innovations, to further help Filipinos live longer, healthier and more productive lives .
Pharma Nutria N. A. (Bacolod City), Inc. started serving Negros Occidental, parts of Ozamis & Zamboanga with a variety of B- Complex formulations, multi-ingredient nutritional supplements, analgesics and antibiotics, diuretics, steroids, respiratory and cardiovascular drugs of then forty-seven (47) products.
To date, Pharma Nutria N.A. (Bacolod City), Inc. is serving the whole Negros Island and Bohol ; providing sixty (60) high quality and top class multivitamins, anti-biotics and respiratory preparations for adults and pediatrics alike. In serving our fellow countrymen, our brands are served through major drugstore chains like Mercury Drug Corporation, Negros Grace Pharmacy, Sincere Drugstore, other wholesalers and retailers in the area, and major hospitals in Bacolod City , Dumaguete City and Bohol.
To celebrate an entire decade of investing in the Filipino talent, Pharma Nutria N. A. (Bacolod City), Inc. erected along Burgos St., it’s towering monument… S. V More Corporate Center – Bacolod City…with its state of the art facilities, a world class on its own. A new site to brighten the prosperity that is Bacolod ; lighting the City of Smiles ’ skyline.