Pharma Nutria N.A. (Davao City), Inc.

S.V. More Group Corporate Center

No. 2 Rimas st., J.P. Laurel, Bajada,

Davao City

(082) 227-9619,

(082) 300-7442

The day was June 29, 2007 when the officers and staff of Davao subsidiary witnessed the unveiling of a dream come true — the inauguration and dedication of Pharma Nutria N.A. (Davao City) Corporate Center located at No. 2 Rimas St., J.P. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City.

Once of no less than the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Alberto A. Santillana whose valued support made this endeavor a reality. The affair was also highlighted by the attendance of top doctors from the major hospitals in the city, as well as suppliers and friends in the business and banking industry. The dedication of the new building was officiated by Pastor Anselmo Ingay.

It was in February of 2006 when Mr. Santillana, Arch. Joed Togado and myself held a meeting to discuss this project. There were some hesitations at first. We had to ask ourselves questions like: “Are we ready?” “Do we have enough funds to complete the project?”
But God, in His faithfulness, has answers to all our doubts and queries. In His own time, He provided everything for us and His blessings all fell in the right places.
On April 29, 2006, we had our groundbreaking, then construction began immediately. On April 04, 2007, exactly 340 days after groundbreaking, we already transferred to the new office with pride and humility in our hearts. This accomplishment proved that with God nothing is impossible indeed.
The modern three-storey building with its unique design and colors stands proud along the main thoroughfare in Davao City. For all His blessings, we thank God first and foremost. We also give our gratitude to our Chairman and CEO whose support and encouragement made us believe we can do it. We also appreciate the advice and assistance from Mr. Albert-Jan D. Santillana. To all S.V. More and Pharma Nutria officers and employees, we thank you for your collaboration in the common pursuit for success and excellence in all our endeavors.