S.V. More Pharma (Metro Manila–Luzon) Corporation

S.V. More Pharma (Metro Manila–Luzon) Corporation

S.V. More Group Corporate Center

#16 Scout Tuazon Street cor. Roces Ave., Quezon City,

Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (632) 373-6240 | 373-6242 | 373-6591 | 375-1692

Fax Nos.: (632) 371-1428 | 375-1721 | 371-1649

In September 1996, necessitated by the ever-expanding product lines of S.V. MORE PHARMA CORPORATION (now widely known as the S.V. Group of Companies), Mr. Alberto A. Santillana and his team of technical and marketing managers started to operate a new subsidiary, S.V. More Pharma (Metro Manila – Luzon) Corporation or S.V. MORE PHARMA (MML) Corp.
Quickly, the new company readily drew loyal prescribers from among top specialists and general practitioners in the metropolis and in parts of Luzon where it operates. Its first corporate office was located on the Ground Floor of the Hizon Building on No. 29 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.
In June 2004, S. V. More Pharma (MML) Corp. moved its headquarters to the imposing S.V. MORE GROUP CORPORATE CENTER located on No. 16 Scout Tuason Street Corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City where its partner subsidiary Pharma Nutria N.A. (MML), Inc. as well as the two holding companies of the S.V. More Group – S.V. More Pharma Corporation and Pharma Nutria N.A., Inc. – are also housed.
Today, S.V. More Pharma (MML) Corp. carries a total of 56 pharmaceutical products – ranging from antibiotics, antidiabetics, anti-gout, antihypertensive, analgesics, cough and cold preparations, steroids to high potency B-complex Formulations, and Multi-ingredient nutritional supplements for all age groups.
S. V. More Pharma (MML) Corp. being truly one in spirit with its parent company, the S.V. MORE GROUP OF COMPANIES, shares in the latter’s vision of becoming a world class global pharmaceutical conglomerate. It is also solidly behind the GROUP’s mission of providing high quality, cost-effective pharmaceutical products for the treatment and prevention of various medical conditions afflicting mankind, thus helping everyone live longer, healthier and more productive lives.
The GROUP’s product lines now include a broad range of preparations from High potency B-complex Formulations, and Multi-ingredient Nutritional Supplements, to Analgesics, Antibiotics, Antidiabetics, Oral Steroids as well as New Generation Respiratory and Cardiovascular Drugs.
The quality products marketed and distributed by S. V. More Pharma (MML) Corp., as sourced from the holding companies, are manufactured by three internationally eminent pharmaceutical laboratories:
Hizon Laboratories, the oldest and one of the most respected drug manufacturers in the country.
Lloyd Laboratories, a world class pharmaceutical plant with ultra modern equipment and granted an ISO 9001-2000 Certfication.
Catalent Australia Pty. Ltd. (formerly R.P. Scherer), the world leader in softgel capsule technology.
The geographic marketing focus of the subsidiary is currently Metro Manila and the key cities in Central and North Luzon, where it’s brands of pharmaceutical products are available to customers and end users by way of giant drugstore chains like Mercury Drugstore, Watson’s, Manson’s, St. Joseph and via other reputable wholesalers and retailers.
S.V. More Pharma (MML) Corporation, thirteen years after it started operations, has now grown to become one of the most progressive marketing players in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry. Although the company has begun to set its sights on a future global network, its focus remains on the Filipino talent.
Its ardent advocacy is: Filipino-owned companies must invest in the skills and capabilities of their own countrymen.
S.V. More Pharma (MML) Corp., with its resolute sense of mission and far-reaching vision along with its ideals of responsible management, places on top of its agenda the welfare of its people, their creativity, commitment and integrity. Just as important to the company are its contributions to the communities it serves through various undertakings, most notably, its full scholarship programs that produce brilliant graduates – deserving men and women who move on to become distinguished citizens in the localities they lend themselves to. All these zealously determined efforts manifest the company’s valued philosophy: